General Liability

Protect what you have built

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General Liability

Protect what you have built

Being held legally responsible for third party claims can financially cripple a company, destroying everything you have built up.

We understand that even when your business is faultlessly following best business practice, things can go wrong – from incidents that occur at your premises to product liabilities that occur outside of them.

Our insurers can offer Broadform Liability that will cover you for those unforeseen legal responsibility.

Why get Broadform Liability?

Our speciality insurers covers you from being held legally responsible across a range of claims and is suited to a variety of businesses. From a single claim to a large products liability resulting in multitudes of claims, Broadform Liability offers protection against an injury or damage:

  • Sustained by third parties when visiting your premises,
  • Arising from the activities that you perform as a business,
  • Caused by the products you provide, or
  • As a result of the work or services you perform.

Example of Claims:

A customer enters your premises and subsequently trips, falling to the floor, breaking their leg. The cause? A loose railing on your premises. Your business may be held liable for any medical expenses incurred.

A Broadform liability policy will cover your business.

Your star employee gets hurt on site and intends to hold your business liable for the costs.

Full protection for your business

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