Travel Insurance – Don’t Get Left Behind

We all love the experience of travelling, exploring foreign countries, meeting new people and trying local cuisine. In all that excitement we tend to forget to look at our travel insurance and confirm that it is sufficient. Travel Insurance was created to cover you in foreign countries against risks such as medical emergencies, accidental death, personal liability or even loss of luggage or flight cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.

Medical costs abroad can be astronomical compared to South Africa.  Some medical facilities and expertise in Africa can be inadequate and there is a great chance that you may need to be evacuated by air ambulance from an African country should you require emergency medical assistance.  These costs are prohibitively expensive.  Also due to the prevalence of HIV/Aids and Hepatitis B and C in many African countries, it is reassuring to know that the blood used is screened for any blood transfusions, thanks to our preferred Travel Insurer being a member of the Blood Care Programme, operated by the Blood Care Foundation and available to its members in any part of the world.

is travel insurance in your budget

Is travel insurance in your budget

How Does It Work?

You pay your travel insurance policy in local currency i.e. Rand and any medical expenses will be covered in foreign currency e.g. Euro, Pound, Dollar etc.

In the event of death abroad will ensure that family and friends are not burdened with the costs for the preparation and transportation of mortal remains to South Africa.

Travel Insurance Products have been designed for your specific requirements, be it for leisure or business travellers both locally (within South Africa) and abroad.  There are also special policies for youth and senior travellers and those that may require the pre-existing illness benefit.

Airport delays

Airport delays can be a mood killer, don’t let it affect your finances

Local Travel

Local Travel Insurance cover is suited to South African residents travelling within South Africa and includes benefits such as Cancellation and Curtailment; Burial Expenses; Car Rental Excess Waiver and Car Hire benefit for vehicle breakdowns.

Travel Insurance must be purchased before you embark on your journey – the sooner the better, however the journey cancellation benefit is only effective six months prior to your departure.

It is therefore vitally important to ensure that you have the correct travel insurance allowing you to relax and enjoy your journey with complete peace of mind.  It is also important to cover all the members of the travelling party adequately.

Unicorn Insurance Brokers can assist you in designing a travel insurance policy specific for your requirements and needs whether your trip is abroad or local.

cancelled flight

Cancelled flights