December Update

Firstly, we won an award….


UIB was awarded Broker of the Year by MUA Insurance Acceptance. Regional Manager of Gauteng – Lindsay Robertson had the following to say about UIB –

“This annual recognition was an opportunity to share the results of our partnership, the successes of the award winners and what they have been able to achieve despite challenging environmental and economic conditions affecting the insurance industry and the clients we serve through their trauma and loss. Seven awards were handed out around the country in celebration of the broker partnerships that we have sustained and nurtured during our thirty year legacy – UIB was awarded Broker of the Year.”

We want to thank all our clients, as with out you this would not have been possible.

MUA Brokers Of The Year

“Thank you for the award and validation is always appreciated. We always enjoy the summits, apart from the product innovation, we always leave feeling uplifted and wanting to do good.” Cheryl Salzwedel, Director at Unicorn Insurance Brokers.


This November and December UIB is focused on providing our clients with top notch travel insurance for their journeys over the festive season.

Our Recent Travel Insurance Campaign

We all love to travel and see different countries, but sometimes forget to look at suitable Travel Insurance for ourselves and our families. Travel Insurance was created to cover and assist you, in foreign countries, when it comes to medical expenses or even flight cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
Credit cards in South Africa generally provide limited travel insurance cover, specifically for medical-related expenses and accidents. However, this is insufficient when you consider the high cost of medical treatment overseas.

Travellers should investigate how much cover their credit card provides and whether they need additional cover.
Select a comprehensive policy if any travellers:

  • require higher medical cover
  • want cover for flight cancellations
  • want cover for lost luggage
  • require cover for pre-existing medical conditions
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The security from Drone Guards in action.

Drone Air
Aerial Drone Solutions

     (behind the scene pictures of the guys for Drone Air and Aerial Drone Solutions)

As a specialist Drone Insurer we work with a lot of different Drone Companies, but this one had most of Gauteng on the edge of there seats.

The Bank of Lisbon was demolished at the end of November by Jet Demolition and our clients were involved with taking aerial Drone photography as well as Aerial Drone Security. This was the 2nd highest building ever imploded by Jet Demolitions at 108m tall and were 894kg of explosives used.

This project was executed by Aerial Drone Solutions, with the help of numerous drone companies such as UAV Aerial works, Drone Air, DC Geomatics, and Drone Guard. They used 8 GoPros, 2 Canon cameras and 4 DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drones.

Haven’t see the video as yet ?  Please visit the following link to be amazed:


2019 brought a lot of ups and downs, from Elections to the Springboks bringing home the World Cup!
The end of the year has arrived and our team is ready to relax and charge our batteries for a productive 2020.

Thank you for all your support over this year and we hope to be off service in 2020 again.

We wish you, our treasured clients, a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Enjoy the Festive season and be save on the roads !

UIB Christmas