COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal

Dear Valued Client,

Lockdown is coming into effect and we all need to stand together through these testing times.

In light of the recent announcement from the President to the nation on the 23rd of March 2020 a nationwide “lockdown” will be imposed in South Africa from midnight on Thursday the 26th of March 2020 to combat the spread of Covid-19 virus for 21 days.

 As service is of great importance to us at Unicorn Insurance Brokers, we will continue to provide you with assistance and support over this period. Unicorn Insurance Brokers staff are all well trained and ready to assist all clients with concerns or emergencies they may have while in the lockdown period. Our Staff have been sent home and will be working remotely in full force. We are already in discussions with all of our emergency assistance platforms and will have them operating should it be required.

All of the emergency assistance platforms are in full operational order should they be required. 

 Our offices / working hours will still remain the same Mon – Thu 08:00 till 16:30 and Friday 08:00 till 16:00 as we work remotely. Our staff  will all be available to answer any emails or phones calls and are contactable on the following:

Cheryl Salzwedel

Tel: 0873534485

Mandy Weetman

Tel: 0873534484

Daniel Blomerus

Tel: 0873534489

Even though we want to be around loved ones, now is the time for social distancing.

These are going to be tough times for everyone and we understand the economy and people throughout the world will be challenged during this period. We wish you and you family all the best and that you stay safe, take this time to do the things you have been putting off and embrace the time with yourself of your family. Reach out to those far away via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom and lets all look to reconnect over this period.

“When this ends, AND IT WILL, every game will sell out, every restaurant will have a 2-hour wait, every kid will be glad to be in school, everyone will love their job, the stock market will skyrocket, and every other house will have Third Parties, and we will embrace and shake hands. THAT’S GONNA BE A PRETTY GOOD DAY ! Hang in there, World” – Said a very positive person.

Take care everyone!

The Unicorn Insurance Brokers Team