What You Need To Know About Recreational Drones

As the first broker to offer comprehensive drone insurance in South Africa, Unicorn Insurance Brokers have set out to become the specialist drone insurer within the drone industry.

Our clients operate all over the world and our focus is to assist them in advising them if they need Recreational or Commercial Drone Insurance

That being said Drones are not cheap and can we assist our client from the Smallest R10,000 DJI Mavic Mini to the large Alti UAV’s. Each client has to decide if he wants to insure his equipment and if so what he wants to insurance.

Lets talk Recreational first…

Its very import to firstly look at what your insurance company offers you. Are you covered for Theft… Are you covered for Flying or are you actually only covered for non Drone related activities, making your expensive R25,000 Drone a really pricey door stop.

What do I need to fly as a Recreational Pilot?

We can assist with Full Recreational Insurance on ground and air-based operations. Once you have your Drone we will need to have it inspected and make sure it is Airworthy to fly. Should you want to list all your extras such as your Fly more kit, we will include this as additional’s to your Drone. All Recreational operators have to comply with the SACAA Rules and regulations, and can it be viewed by clicking the button below.

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Will I be able to get Third Party Insurance as a recreational operator?

All our Hobbiest Pilots have a standard R500,000 Third Party Insurance included on every Drone Insured. This will cover your for any damages caused to a Third Party while flying according to the SACAA rules for Hobbiest use.

I’m a Photographer and just want to get some shots with my Drone but don’t charge the client for the photo ?

Unfortunately, we classify this as Commercial use and would your need to get the proper licences and approvals to use this as part of your business. Talk to us and lets find you the correct why of conducting your business safe and legally.

Can I fly on open fields and take photos ?

Yes, but please make sure you are not in any controlled air space or close to any Airport or National Key point,

I’m a farmer and want to fly on my farm to look at my cattle and see if my animals have water ?

This is a great idea to get to those hard to reach places, and are you more than welcome to do so. Just be careful to always fly with in 500m from where you are and always keep Visual Line of Site of your Drone.

Commercial, the Animal everyone wants to know about… Drones are not cheap. As a commercial operator, whether it be a start-up or a multi-corporate. Drone and UAV operators are aware that without comprehensive cover, even the slightest fault in a flight path could lead to insurmountable damages.

Join us for another blog next week on how our commercial insurance works

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