Leica Aibot AX20

As a specialist Drone insurance broker, its important to make sure you stay relevant with new Drone technology in the industry. Recently our specialist Daniel Blomerus spent some time with the new Leica Aibot AX20.

Leica Aibot AX20 | Leica Geosystems | Unicorn Insurance Brokers
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This partnership was created with the leading UAV manufacturer DJI and is this multi-rotor based om the DJI M600 pro but has an intelligent data asset management and trusted Leica Geosystems GNSS technology for highly accurate data. “By fully leveraging DJI’s innovative aerial devices with Leica Geosystems extensive expertise in high accuracy measurement sensors, the full potential of UAV technology will be unlocked” as stated by Leica.

We wanted to have a look and she how everything came together and we have to confirm the workmanship on this craft and upgrades done are amazing. Everything is bolted on and designed to not have an impact on the UAV’s capability and performance. For us its very important to know and understand what gets attached and what software is being used to operate the UAV. Drones are created to carry payload and be used in different industries, but how the software controls the flight path and how the payload impacts the performance is more important.

When it comes to Drone Operators upgrading UAV’s we need to make sure it firstly does not effect the warranty on all the manufactures equipment, and if so who will carry the warranty going forward. In this case Leica as a Global company have full confidence in there product and have kept the 1 year warranty as per the original DJI model. The Aibot Ax20 is a fantastic machine and do we believe this craft will make the surveyors job more accurate and more sufficient.

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Leica Aibot AX20 | Leica Geosystems | Unicorn Insurance Brokers

The system also comes with a 42mp Camera from Sony and is carried by a Gremsy gimble.

This will not form part of the Hull and is it important to specify this under your payload equipment as it can also be interchanged on another capable DJI platform.

Its vital to mention this to your drone insurer as should a claim occur you will not be covered should the Drone be insured as a whole or not listed under the Payload Equipment section.

UIB is dedicated to making sure all our clients are correctly insured and to at all times provide the best advice possible when it comes to drone operations and how your drone insurance could impact your company. For more info regarding your drone insurance please make contact with us.

Helgardt JNR - Leica Geosystems

Helgardt van Heerden is the dedicated UAV specialist for Leica Geosystems South Africa

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